Ring Size | Tips and Tricks

If you are purchasing a ring as a surprise for your girlfriend, finding her ring size without giving away the surprise takes a bit of stealth and creativity. Here are some great tips to get her ring size and still keep the proposal under wraps.

These tips have worked well for many of my customers. Read them over and see which one is more your style.



Her Mother or a close girlfriend might be your best ally in helping to determine her ring size.  Her mother may already know her ring size.  Your girlfriend may suspect you are gearing up and proposing soon and may have shared her ring size to her close confidants in anticipation. If you are really trying to keep this quiet, make sure that the friend you ask can keep a secret. I guarantee they will be touched to be a part of this process.



If she already wears a ring on one of her ring fingers you may be in luck. However, before you rifle through her jewelry box you should have one of my ring sizers handy. I always keep a stock of ring sizers in my workshop and would be happy to send one out to you. Please fill out your contact information here, include your shipping address in the details section and i’ll drop a sizer in the mail.

The goal is to obtain a measurement from her ring and there are several ways to do this. Please the ring on one of your fingers, mark where it sits with a pen, now take it off and return it to the jewelry box ASAP! if you have the opportunity at that point, slip the ring sizer on and measure the marked area.  If you think she is getting suspicious, just keep the mark on your finger until a little later when it is safer.

Another way to do this is place the ring down on a piece of paper, trace the inside circumference of the ring then place the ring sizer over the traced circle, keep adjusting till the sizer fits perfectly over the circle…done!


If you’ve got a trusted male friend who is married or has a girlfriend, you might be able to elicit his help.  If he is a mutual friend, all the better.  Arrange coffee or a phone call where he is to ask your lady’s help in finding his girlfriend’s or wife’s ring size for a special surprise birthstone ring he is planning on purchasing.  Now that the topic is on women’s ring sizes, it will be easy to direct the discussion, allow her to either give out her own ring size as an example or even take a ring off her finger (if she has one on) to let your friend try on as an example.. if this happens remember the finger marking strategy.

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