The Internet is a vast place, overflowing with inspiration. And luckily, we now have the tools to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer; questions immediately answered by searching, documenting moments with social media, and saving what we find interesting and inspirational. While we love the increasing accessibility, when we want to find images that inspire us to create, buy or just enjoy it can be challenging. Sometimes finding the real gems of inspiration can feel like sifting through the racks a thrift store.

Enter Pinterest. The first task at a successful Pinterest experience is finding bloggers, editors, artisans, designers and even friends who inspire you and following them on Pinterest. At One Stone Shop some of our favorite Pinners are Moda Operandi’s Lauren Santo Domingo, New York-based fashion designer Peter Som and inspirational lifestyle blogger Joy Cho. From there the inspiration fountain flows. We still frequent our favorite online editorials and blogs, but now we can also spend more time looking at simple imagery and save what resonates with us.

One Stone Shop pins everything from color inspiration, fashion and style, wedding and everything that lies between. It’s a place for us to curate what we’re finding meaningful on the web and share it in an organized way with our followers. Check it out!