Guide | Jewelry Care

Follow these simple tips to keep your jewelry safe, and beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to clean regularly. To avoid dirt build-up follow these easy steps to clean your jewelry at home.

1) Fill a small bowl with warm water and soak

2) Using a soft bristle tooth brush and some gentle soap, carefully scrub clean. Avoid sinks and drains.

3) Observe your jewelry while you clean, if you see a loose stone or any abnormality have it check immediately.

4) Store each item individually. To avoid scratches, place each item in a separate line container or soft pack.

5) Be mindful. Various gemstones and diamonds have different care requirements. Ask your jeweler how to properly care for the types of stones set into your jewelry.

6) Checkup. Contact your jeweler at least once a year for cleaning and inspection. Your jeweler will look for any damage, loose settings, or any issues that need to be addressed. This one a year check up will ensure a lifetime of worry free enjoyment.