Diamonds | Rose Cut

Perusing our site, you’ll notice that many of our rings feature rose cut diamonds. Round, emerald, princess, and marquise diamonds may be better known, but rose cuts are having a major resurgence of late. They have a classic simplicity that is understated but intriguing.

A brief history of the rose cut: One of the first types of diamond shapes, rose cuts emerged during the 16th century in Antwerp, Belgium. Some historians believe the shape was actually inspired by Indian stones, which predate the Antwerp rose cuts. Unlike many other cuts, both historical and current, rose cut diamonds feature a flat bottom with triangular facets. Classic versions have six facets, but newer styles often have 12, 24, or more.

As opposed to round brilliant cut stones, whose proportions are regulated by diamond cutting organizations, rose cuts’ proportions are not regulated. Therefore, their dome sizes can vary quite a bit. For example, a rose cut stone that is 5mm in diameter could range from ½ carat to nearly 2 carats, making for a large range of potential price points.

The wonderful thing about this wide range of proportions and weights is that it makes One Stone more able to accommodate our clients’ budgets. If you are looking to begin the process of a custom order involving a rose cut diamond, please let us know your budget first, and we will be happy to give you options that will fit into your price range.